Come Again Farm

Central Indiana

Come Again Farm 2020 Schedule

February 15/16                              
Tim Bourke Clinic

February 20th-March 8th                

Pine Top Trip

March 21st                                      
First Day of Spring Dressage and Combined Test

March 28/29                                    
Sharon White Clinic

April 18th                                         
Show Jump Practice Round Day

May 16th                                         
May Flowers Dressage, CT and Derby

May 25th                                         
Open Cross Country Schooling Day

June 6/7                                          
Tim Bourke Clinic

June 13th                                        
Day Before the Trials Event Derby

June 14th                                        
Summer Fun Horse Trials

July 6-9                                            
Event Camp

August 7-9                                       
Law Mini Camp

August 15th                                     
Hoosier Hops

September 19th                              
Fall Festival Dressage, CT and Event Derby

October 10th                                   
Day Before the Horse Trials Derby

October 3rd (Derby) - 4th (Horse Trials)                              
Fall Harvest Horse Trials   
November 7th                                 
Fall Finale CT, Derby, and Fun Show                          

CAF Facility

Come Again Farm is a full service facility that specializes in Eventing. We offer 2 all-weather outdoor arenas,  120’ x 200’  and  70’ x 230’ , two indoor arenas, one with ProStride footing and one with sand footing, 70+ cross country fences from step over to Prelim, including a large water jump, ditches and a bank complex, and a 1/3 mile galloping track. Stabling is permanent and on grounds and there is limited turnout for guest horses on a time share basis.

  • Permanent stabling on grounds, limited turnout on a time share basis for guest horses

  •  Limited hookups for campers—reservations required & first come first served

  • Showers are available in the barn

  • A full complement of show jumps including gates, panels, Liverpool, skinnies

  • Two indoor arenas

  • One 20 x 60 meter sand outdoor arena

    • One 120 x 200 ft all weather outdoor arena

    • Air conditioned room to get out of heat

    • Flush toilets in each barn complex

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